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Double Trouble Vol.1 – RC Scale Model Aircraft DVD – By Dave Platt


Volume 1. Multi-engine subjects have always fascinated modelers and many consider them the ultimate thrill. The special sound alone is a great attraction. But, of course, there are risks !

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Keeping these under control is just one of the many topics for discussion in this volume; such as finding dual opposite rotating engines, drawing ribs for tapered wings, plus the machining of prop nut adapters, and none of these are in previous Black Art volumes. ‘Techniques’ with great tips in the following order. Inspiration, IPMS Convention Tamiya Heinkel 219 kit Considering what engines ? Electric ? Size of model for engines ? Settling on 1/6 Scale Opposite rotating engines Lofting tapered wings Compufoil – drawing ribs Covering with heavy cloth Break down for transport Strong wing attachment Building wing panels Locating Aviastar engines Propeller considerations De-warp sheeted wings Machining prop nut adapters Flaps and doors Installing wing tubs


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