Double Trouble Vol.2 – RC Scale Model Aircraft DVD- By Dave Platt


Volume 2. With a ten foot twin under way, we find new topics such as; sheeting a leading edge, an engine cooling tunnel with flap, twin – elevator servos, landing gear doors, then plenty of opportunity for some easy metal work.

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And, as Dave shows, there’s nothing to be scared of; with a brief education on metal types plus some simple metal work, now “the model leaps forward on all fronts”. ‘Techniques’ with great tips in the following order. Operating flaps and doors Engine nacelles Engine cooling tunnel Special landing gear Mufflers and source Sheeting a leading edge Joining nacelle to wing Planking the nacelle Engine cooling door Cowling Building the fuselage Building the stabilizer Twin elevator servos Trial model assembly Klass Kote reference Hinging and driving LG doors Landing gear doors Metal work introduction Aluminum grading Oleo leg fork Sandblasting tools Cheap metalworking tools Making Oleo scissors Showing finished Oleo leg. DVDT2


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