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Edgley Optica (92.5″) – Canopy

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High-Quality PETG Canopy Set for the Edgley Optica, designed as an alternative to the helicopter for aerial surveillance. The Canopy consists of a number of PETG parts for this unique canopy shape all manufactured to the highest quality here at Sarik Hobbies. The Optica offers a unique modelling opportunity and could be a great alternative FPV model. John Wright’s design is for 61 engines, four function radio and has a span of 2349.5mm (92.5″) – it flies like the prototype. Plan, Canopy, Laser Cut & Additional Wood Packs are available for this design of the Edgley Optica.


Vac formed to order


Designer: J Wright

Wingspan: 2349.5mm (92.5″)

Engine Size: 0.60

R/C Functions: 4

Full Description

Model: Designer: J Wright / Wingspan: 2349.5mm (92.5″) / Engine Size: 0.60 / R/C Functions: 4

Plan is on 3 large detailed sheets.

About the Full size: The Edgley EA-7 Optica is a British light aircraft designed for low-speed observation work, and intended as a low-cost alternative to helicopters. The Optica has a loiter speed of 130 km/h (70 kn; 81 mph) and a stall speed of 108 km/h (58 kn; 67 mph). The Optica project began in 1974 with a company, Edgley Aircraft Limited, formed by John Edgley who, with a small team, designed and built the original prototype. In 1982, institutional investors bought into the project and set up a production line at Old Sarum Airfield in Wiltshire. The aircraft has an unusual configuration with a fully glazed forward cabin, reminiscent of an Alouette helicopter, that provides 270° panoramic vision and almost vertical downward vision for the pilot and two passengers. The aircraft has twin booms with twin rudders and a high-mounted tailplane. The Optica, powered by a 160 hp (119 kW) Lycoming IO-320 engine, made its maiden flight on 14 December 1979 when it was flown by Squadron Leader Angus McVitie, the chief pilot of the Cranfield College of Aeronautics. The Optica, upgraded to the more powerful Lycoming IO-540, entered production in 1983. Edgley Aircraft Limited obtained its initial Civil Aviation Authority certification on 8 February 1985. A total of 22 Opticas have been manufactured, and construction of a 23rd begun but not completed. Ten aircraft were destroyed in an arson attack at the factory.

The Short Kit includes Plan, Canopy, Laser Cut & Additional Wood Packs for the Edgley Optica was designed as an alternative to the helicopter for aerial surveillance.

A special thank you goes to Jean Marie Cayet for the pictures of his beautifully finished Egely Optica.

Plan RSQ1584 Canopy CANRSQ1584 Laser Cut Wood Pack WPRSQ1584 Additional Wood Pack AWPRSQ1584 Short Kit SETRSQ1584

Please note that all plans are printed to order and as such we are unable to accept returns. The main image is of the full size, not a model.


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