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The Egret Eight V2 X is the unrestricted version of the Egret Eight V3, providing a 28 kph top speed and a useful amount of useable power. This E-scooter is equipped with a 350-watt motor and weighs, at 14 kilos, a whole 3 kilos less than the larger kick-scooter in the range – the Egret Ten. Additionally, it also comes with a noticeably more economic price tag! The well-established EGRET folding mechanism is also included and allows the scooter to be quickly stowed. Regrettably, this E-scooter is not yet road legal in a number of countries, including the UK. UK Stock.

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The features exclusive to the Egret Eight V2 X:

    • A powerful motor with a peak power delivery of 650W and a top speed of 28 kph.
    • Relatively lightweight 14 kilos
    • Well functioning shock absorbers
    • Top production quality
    • Maximum range: 30 km

Last-mile product:- The EGRET EIGHT V2 X represents the definition of a ‘Last-mile’ transportation product. With a total kerb-weight of only 14 kilos it has a comparatively lightweight design, an enormous advantage when it needs to be lifted and carried. Due to its compact dimensions when folded it can be ideally stowed while travelling on public transport or with a private vehicle. The innovative EGRET folding system reduces the E-scooters overall dimensions from L- 111cm x W- 55.5cm x H- 92-115cm to a folded L- 103cm x W- 15cm x H- 38cm in a matter of seconds. To enable this the handlebars and the steering column can both be folded backwards. In no time the EGRET EIGHT V2 X can be easily and elegantly folded together with no awkward fuss, which cannot be said of the complicated mechanisms employed by most other E-scooter manufacturers. Before ordering we advise you check the traffic regulations of the country in which the EGRET EIGHT is intended for use as this model is not yet road-legal in many countries, including Germany!

The riding experience:- The EGRET EIGHT is an extremely agile low-weight E-scooter with an excellent suspension set up, consisting of a pneumatic tyre at the front and a shock absorber at the rear. This makes it completely capable of dealing with the odd pothole satisfactorily, without damage to the scooter or the rider! The combination of a trigger throttle lever and its five separate riding modes provide perfect control over the scooters power delivery and speed. The footboard surface has a layer of grip-tape applied over its complete area to ensure a secure riding stance. The strong 350 watt motor allows a rapid acceleration and doesn’t give up while climbing small hills and gradients. Another advantage of this particular model is its remarkably high potential range of 30 km on one single battery load. During the journey an easily readable handlebar-mounted display delivers all necessary information to the rider.

RIDE COMFORT – 8” tyres let you comfortably conquer any ground. Floor unevenness is being compensated by the suspension (front and rear) plus an air tyre in the front. The height of the handlebar can be adjusted according to the driver’s height. The driver can select between five different speed levels and control the velocity using the index finger throttle. The maximum speed is 28 km/h. The deck is covered with grip tape providing a firm and skid-proof stand.

ENGINE – Thrilling power: The motor has a continuous output of 350 watt, maximum rated power peaks at 745 watt. The maximum range is 30 km. The voltage is 36 V, the capacity 10.4 Ah. The charging time for 100 % is four hours and for 70 % only two hours.

SAFETY – Two drum brakes guarantee safe and reliable braking – and they are low-maintenance. The lighting system has two benefits: One the one hand, the road ahead is properly lit and on the other hand, you are being seen by other road users.

The maximum payload is 100 kg.

THE EIGHT V2 is splash-resistant.

“Warning: It is illegal to ride electric scooters on public roads, pavements, or cycle paths. They are intended only for use on private land with the owner’s permission.

FEATURES – Folding the scooter is only a question of seconds. Due to the small pack size (103 x 15 x 38 cm), it can be combined with public transportation or put into the trunk of a car. Unfolding the scooter is just as easy as folding it. The folding mechanism has been proven and tested, properly applied it is safe and reliable. The dimensions of the unfolded scooter are 111 x 55.5 x 92 – 115 cm.



max. 25 km/h
Range: max. 30 km
Wheel size: 8″
Payload: max. 100 kg
Weight: 14 kg
Brake: Mech. drum brakes front/rear
Throttle: V2 X: Index finger throttle

V2: Thumb throttle

Motor rated power: 350 W
Battery: LI-ION, 36 V, 10,4 Ah
Charging time: 70 % in 2 h, 100 % in 4 h


Length: 111 cm

Width handlebars: 55,5 cm

Width footboard: 14,5 cm

Height: 92 – 115 cm

Size folded:


103 x 15 x 38 cm



Length: 111 cm
Hight: 92-115 cm
Width: 55,5 cm
Fold up size: 103 x 15 x 38 cm
Foldable: yes
Handlebar Height Adjustment: 23 cm
Tyres front/rear: 8″ pneumatic tyres (front) / solid rubber (rear)
Suspension: suspension front and rear
Brakes: front and rear drum brake
Material: aluminium
Top Speed: 28km/h
Motor: 36V-350 W, rear-wheel drive
Battery: LI-ION, 36 V 10,4 AH
Charging Time: 6 hours
Display: LCD display
Range: approx.30 km
Loading Capacity: 100 kg
Suitable from 14 years
Weight: 14 kg
Indicators: no
Light: LED front & rear
Colour: black



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