Eldred ‘ Flyer’s Dream ‘


A 52” span sports seaplane for 4-function R/C and 700W brushless motors. Rescaled model designed by Laddie Mikulasko.

Full Description

Dewey Eldred’s ‘Flyer’s Dream’ is a light sports seaplane built in 1946 that took on the appearance of a small car with gull wings. Laddie Mikulasko has rescaled the aircraft to near 1:7 scale at 52” span and powered it with a Turnigy 3542 brushless motor and a 4S 2200 LiPo. Construction is all wood (foam parts can be used) and detailed well on the large 2 sheets plans. It flies off water too!
WING SPAN: 52” / 1320 mm WEIGHT: 4 lb 8 oz. (2.2 kg)SCALE: 1:6.9MOTOR: Turnigy 3542 Brushless 1000–1250KV (650-700W) MOTIVE POWER: 40A ESC 4S 2200mAh LiPoRADIO FUNCTIONS: 4 (5 servos)


  • Designer: Laddie Mikulasko
  • Wingspan: 52″ / 1320 mm
  • Power Source: Turnigy 3542 Brushless 1000-1250KV (650-700W)


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