Electric Sailplane Clinic / Radio Control Gliding DVD / Radio Carbon Art


The Electric Sailplane Clinic DVD teaches you the essential skills you’ll need to successfully operate and fly today’s exciting electric-assisted sailplanes.

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The DVD is full of easy to understand tutorials and demonstrations that will help you understand the sometimes complicated hardware and set up procedures of modern glider power systems. Even if you’re not into electric gliders, the basic and advanced techniques taught in this DVD will help you better understand and use electric power systems with any model aircraft, helping you avoid costly equipment failures and crashes. Tutorials include: • Electric Speed Controller programming • propeller theory • electrical basics • power system monitoring and optimizing with a Watt meter. The DVD also covers in detail lithium polymer and lithium ion battery charging strategies, cell balancing, monitoring, safety and techniques to make your packs last longer. Added to all this, the programme also takes sometime to include a detailed soldering clinic that will teach you how to properly solder various high-amp connectors to motors, ESCs and batteries. Other tutorials cover electricity basics, propeller balancing and tips on running separate Battery Eliminator Circuits with 2.4 GHz. radio systems. Running time: Approx 110 mins


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