Emulator 3.4 (134″) – Plan


A 3.4 metre wingspan e-Soarer for 5-function R/C and a 400 Watt outrunner. Designed by Geoff Carter.

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Geoff Carter’s electric thermal soarer has a hybrid construction for experienced builders and pilots. The 3.4 metre wingspan is all wood incorporating AG24/AG25/AG26 sections, and features ailerons and flaps with a pod and boom fuselage, powered by an economic 400W brushless motor, 3s 2200 mAh LiPo and 40A ESC. Model weight 1600 grams with a wing loading of 7.6 oz./sq. ft.
WING SPAN: 134″ (3400 mm)WING AREA: 1049 sq. in. (6765 sq. cm.)WING LOADING: 7.6 oz/sq. ft.WING SECTION: AG24; AG25; AG26WEIGHT: 56 oz. (1600 g)LENGTH: 61″ (1550 mm)MOTOR: E-Max BL2815-09, 920 KV (400 Watt) BRC 40A Pro ESC 3S 2200 mA LiPo (25-30C)MOTIVE POWER: Graupner Cam or Aeronaut carbon 10″ x 6″ 45 or 50mm spinnerRADIO FUNCTIONS: 5 (8-channels required)


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