F3 Building Clinic / Radio Control Gliding DVD / Radio Carbon Art


In this DVD you will watch Paul Naton go through every step in putting together a 6 servo F3X style plane and you will learn all of the techniques used to make this a first class build.
All of the hard and tricky stuff is covered, and you will be building like a pro in no time!
Total Run Time: 2 hours

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Full Description

Features include: • 2 hours of detailed tutorials and instruction • Learn how to build V-tails that work • Prepare both carbon and steel pushrods that won’t break • Make your own trick wiring harness • Build auto-mating wing connectors and DB-9’s • Build your own custom shaped battery pack • Install servos like a pro • How to add ballast and nose weights • Learn how to solder wires and linkages • Learn about proper servo geometry • Install slop-free linkages • Complete final detailing and flight prep • Tricks for installing smooth working flying stab systems • And much more!


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