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Fairchild 24R Argus 3 (90″) – Additional Wood Pack

Additional Wood Pack for this mid-30s scale design by Phillip S Kent, constructed from all wood and is large enough to add much scale detail without effecting the performance. Includes functional flaps.


Made to order


  • Designer: Phillip S Kent
  • Wingspan: 90″
  • Engine: 1.00 – 1.20 four-strokes
  • Radio: 5 function
  • Scale: 1: 4.8

Full Description

Construct this superb 90″ span monocoupe for 4-function R/C and around 1.00 cu in 4-stroke engines, designed by Phillip S Kent. Not for beginners.

Designer Phillip Kent was impressed with the scale model aircraft designs of Eddie Riding back in the 1940s. He started his first Fairchild Argus, a 36″ span rubber-powered model from the Eddie Riding plan in 1949. The model was never finished due to an accident when an ironing board fell onto it. Early in the 1960s he did manage to produce another model from the same Eddie Riding plan but rather than power the model with rubber chose a small diesel engine. This proved to be a very good move and the model was flown successfully for over 20 years before being sold. Phillip Kent had always wanted to build a radio-controlled version of the Fairchild 24 but it wasn’t until 1998 that he finally got a model into the air. For some reason, the model was designed to a scale of 1 to 4.8 giving it a wingspan of 90″. A most reliable Laser 1.00 4-stroke engine that just fitted within the radial cowl powered the prototype that has proved to be an exceptionally good model to fly.

Eddie Riding designs:

The Full Size Fairchild 24: The Fairchild 24 was a fabric-covered 3-seater monoplane put into production by the Fairchild Aircraft Corporation at Hagerstown, Maryland, USA in 1935. Powered by a 145 hp Warner Super Scarab radial engine it was known as the Fairchild 24C8-C. It differed from the featured model in that it had a smaller cowl with blister fairings and a more rounded and smaller fin and rudder. An improved version of the 24C8-C and 24C8-F, the Fairchild 24C8-F was introduced in 1936. The inverted Ranger 6-390-D3 in-line engine powered this model.  The 3-view drawings are of the Fairchild 24W-41A Argus 2 and the Fairchild 24R Argus 3. Both were 4-seat versions of the 24C8-E and F. The 24W-41A was powered by a 165 hp Warner Super Scarab radial and was built in quantity for the USAAF during the 1939-45 war. The aircraft was also supplied to the RAF under lend-lease and was known as the Argus 2. The 24R Argus 3 was powered by the 170 hp Ranger 6-440-C2 inverted in-line 4-cylinder engine and the entire output of 360 aircraft were supplied to the RAF. After the war, some of the lend-lease aircraft were purchased from the US Government and were converted for civilian use in the UK. There are several Fairchild 24s still on the UK civil register but all are Ranger-powered versions. Warner-Scarabpowered 24s are still flying in the USA.

What’s in an Additional Wood Pack?

Our Additional Wood Packs contain MOST of the necessary sheet and strip wood needed to complete a model being built from a Sarik Hobbies plan and using the associated Laser Cut Wood Pack, if available. We stock a wide range of balsa, ply and spruce in popular sheet and strip sizes but even so we cannot guarantee to be able to supply all the wood necessary to complete each model. So some additional purchases may be required from other modeling wood stockists if not available from Sarik Hobbies. Our Additional Wood Packs only contain balsa, ply and spruce wood in the stock sizes as used by our suppliers and do not include other materials that may be required to complete the model such as hardwoods, metals & GRP sheets. CLICK HERE for further information & our FAQs


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