Fairey Flycatcher


A cartoon scale version of the first carrier biplane, designed
by Bill Bowne

Full Description

Bill Bowne designed his Flycatcher to have a light weight, carried by 2½ sq ft of wing area and propelled by an 80 to 100 watt brushless outrunner on a 3S LiPo pack.Having all that wing area with such light weight, the 31 inch Flycatcher can slow to a crawl yet still flies with a solid feel. Plus, the four ailerons make for rapid rolls and the large elevators provide quick and easy inside loops.
WING SPAN: 31” / 787 mmLENGTH: 24.75″ / 629 mmWEIGHT: 16 oz (454 g)SCALE: 1/11.2MOTOR: Skatty 400XT brushless outrunner 1025 kVMOTIVE POWER: Castle Thunderbird 18A ESC, 3S-1250 LiPo, APC 8 x 3.8


  • Designer: Bill Browne
  • Wingspan: 31″ / 787 mm
  • Power Source: Skatty 400XT brushless outrunner 1025 kV


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