Fauvel AV48 (158.5″) – Laser Cut Wood Pack


A wood pack for the 158″ Fauvel AV48. The full-size prototype never flew, but Vic Steel has produced this unusual flying wing motor-glider to 1:4 scale, and it does fly… very well. Additional parts, sheet and strip wood must be purchased to complete this model.

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Fauvel AV48 (158.5″)

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Your choice of motor or glider version. Not for beginners. DESIGNER: Vic Steel MOTOR: Vortex 50/55/730 (730 rpm/V) MOTIVE POWER: 6S LiPo 11” x 8” prop RADIO FUNCTIONS: 3~4 BASIC MATERIALS: Balsa and plywood Wood Pack for FAUVEL AV48 Building your model from a Sarik Hobbies ‘Laser Wood Pack’ semi-kit removes the need to trace and cut your own intricate parts. It will be necessary to purchase additional sheet and strip wood from your local model shop to complete the model. Plan available (MW3392)


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