Fieseler Fi.103 V1 ‘Doodlebug’ (25″) – Plan


Something a little different to fly, with this exciting 1:9 scale electric ducted fan flying-bomb. Scope, air launch or bungee starts are options and full text instructions are on the plan designed by John Ranson. All balsa construction uses an ammonia forming method for the fuselage. Ideal for use with He111 plan (MW2968).

Full Description

Wingspan: 25″ / 660 mm Radio: 3 function Motor: K&P EDF fans & 5 x 500mAh cells Weight: 13.5 oz / 378 g


  • Designer: John Ranson
  • Wingspan: 25″ / 660 mm
  • Power Source: K&P EDF fans & 5 x 500mAh cells


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