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Fike Plan


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Designed by: Peter Miller Fike’s Model E was the result of 40 years of pioneering ‘garden shed’ aeronautics. She is a very agile little Aeroplane. You needn’t get twitchy near the ground, the Fike is a very tame model thats reluctant to bite. She may not be the prettiest picture in the gallery but we guarantee there’ll be joy in ownership. Model type: 1/6 semi-scale home-built Wingspan: 40 in Wing area: 540sq. in. All-up weight: 58oz Wing loading: 151 /2oz / sq. ft. Fuselage length: 45” Rec’d engine: .25 two-stroke, .30 four-stroke Control functions: Aileron, elevator, rudder, throttle
Article featured in February 2006
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