Fokker D.VIII – Plan (54″)


A 54″ span 1:6.5 scale model for .30-.40 2-stroke or .40 4-stroke engines and 4-function R/C. Designed by Peter Miller.

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Fokker D.VIII (54″)

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This 54 inch (1372mm) span 1:6.5 scale parasol wing model of the WW1 German fighter designed by Peter Miller makes an ideal first scale model. Two large, well-detailed sheets give full details of construction, including patterns for making the undercarriage structure and wing struts.
The last Fokker designed aircraft to become operational with the German Air Force during WWI was the Fokker E.V, which entered service in the final months of the war. The aircraft proved agile and easy to fly, but was withdrawn after a number of fatal accidents due to wing failures. Initially this was blamed on a design fault, but investigation revealed that they were in fact caused by shoddy workmanship and the use of poor quality materials. Production practices were overhauled and the aircraft was modified and re-designated Fokker D.VIII. Dubbed the Flying Razor by Allied pilots, the D.VIII had the distinction of scoring the last aerial victory of the war.
The model is of conventional all-wood construction, but some metalworking skills will be needed to fabricate parts such as the undercarriage and wing struts. A laser-cut wood-pack is available which contains most of the shaped parts needed such as fuselage formers and wing ribs, but you will need additional sheet and strip wood and ply to complete the model, as well as all the hardware needed. The model was designed to be powered by a .25 two-stroke or .30 4-stroke engine, but experienced modellers could probably convert it to electric power.


  • Designer: Peter Miller
  • Wingspan: 54″ / 1372 mm
  • Power Source: .25 two-stroke; .30 4-stroke
  • Radio Functions: 4
  • Scale: 1:6.5


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