Fokker Spin (1911) Plan


A 28” span ‘early flying machine’ for 3-channel R/C. designed by Gordon McKay.

Full Description

Distinctive by the shape, this early flying machine is replicated by Gordon McKay down to just 28” span and under 3 oz. flying weight using simple construction techniques from mainly lightweight balsa and a small amount of carbon rod. It is ideal for indoor flying using a ParkZone motor and combined servo/Rx/ESC combo and a 1s LiPo.
WING SPAN: 28” / 710 mmLENGTH: 19” / 482 mmWING CHORD: 5 ½” / 140 mmWEIGHT: 2.8 oz / 67 gSCALE: approx.. 1:15RADIO FUNCTIONS: 3


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