Fournier RF-7 (53″) – Canopy


Canopy for Peter Miller’s semi-scale Fournier RF-7 is just right for a Cox .049

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Fournier RF-7 (53″)

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Peter Miller’s 53 inch wingspan sport scale Fournier is capable of some graceful aerobatics and good thermal soaring when powered by a Cox .049 and equipped with three channel radio. Of simple construction, it uses a specially made metal tank.
SCALE: 1/6.7Wingspan: 53” (1346.2 mm)Wing Area: 318 sq in (2051.6 sq cm)Wing Loading: 11.77 oz persq ftLength: 32.5″ (825.5 mm)Weight: 26 oz (780g)Power: Rx Battery: 800 mAh Sanyo Eneloop.Radio Functions: 3ENGINE: Cox .049PROP: Cox 6” x 3


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