Fowler Class Z7S Ploughing Engine TE30


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Designer: John Haining

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A 2in scale model

Sheet 1 General arrangement, setting out drawing, hub, spokes and strakes, firebox section.

Sheet 2 Boiler general arrangement, horn brackets, smokebox door, front wheel section.

Sheet 3 Section on hind axle, smokebox and perch bracket.

Sheet 4 Chimney, horn brackets, centre bearings.

Sheet 5 Boiler and hornplates.

Sheet 6 Hornplate, crankshaft, flywheel, ploughing shaft brackets.

Sheet 7 Setting-out for Z75, 4 shaft centres, gear data for 27S.

Sheet 8 Cylinders, pistons, rods, crossheads, slidebars.

Sheet 9 Ploughing drum, clutch details, safety

Sheet 10 Valve gear details, ploughing shaft and clutch.

Sheet 11 Firth valve gear, setting-out for Superba, road gears.

Sheet 12 Coiling gear and bracket, drum ratchet, drumguard.

Sheet 13 Steerage shaft, tender, water tank.

Sheet 14 Front axle, perch bracket pin assembly, front hubs.

Sheet 15 Tackle box, ashpan, blastpipe, gear change.

Sheet 16 Running boards, guards, smokebox door.

Sheet 17 Pipework diagrams, awning and paintwork details.

Complete set of 17 sheets.


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