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Futaba 10C 2.4GHZ – The User’s Guide – Radio Control Transmitter Book

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This is the book that begins where the user manual ends and takes the owner of a 2.4 GHz 10C, or FF7 in the UK, to a new understanding of what their transmitter can do. It is presented in stages, starting with the elementary aspects of radio control, progressing to a fuller description of advanced features for both helicopter and other powered aircraft, and completing the coverage with numerous examples for the use of the controls, particularly mixers.


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Anne Marie Cross, the author, is widely experienced in the flying of conventional aircraft and helicopters, though she does not include information aimed at glider pilots. Throughout the book there are many diagrams of transmitter displays. Contents Chapter 1 – A basics refresher: planes, helis and the 10C Understanding the Basics of Aircraft “Acro” Understanding the Basics of Helicopters “Heli” Understanding the Basics of Futaba‘s 10C Chapter 2 – Basic menu functions Model submenu: model select/model copy/model name Dual rates and exponential Adjustable travel volume Reverse: servo reversing Throttle stick reversal Trim submenu functions: reset and step Swash AFR (heli only) Throttle cut-off Idle-down (acro only) FailSafe settings (F/S) and battery failsafe Primary controls for channels 5,7,8,9 (heli) and 5-9 (acro) Parameter submenu: single model reset/model & swashplate type/modulation Normal condition’s curves (heli only) Timer functions for ST1, ST2, ST5 (model) and system timer Trainer functions Logic switches Servo display and servo test Chapter 3 – Helicopter advanced menu functions Conditions – throttle hold, idle-ups 1, 2, 3 Curves & revo mixing Gyro in-flight adjustment Hovering throttle/pitch adjustability Throttle hold: setting up an autorotation condition Separate trims for each condition Sliding the pitch curve Easing transitions between conditions Setting up head speed control with a Governor Throttle mixes Automatic engine tuning in flight Condition switch assignment Heli set up example: setting up an aerobatic 46-sized helicopter Chapter 4 – Aircraft advanced menu functions Wing types: Flaperon/Aileron Differential/AIL2 Airbrake: sudden lift/braking in flight Elevator-to-flap mixing Tail types: V-tail, Elevon and Ailevator (twin elevator servos) Snap-roll: snaps at the flick of a switch Gyro setup Throttle curve Throttle – delay: slowing throttle response to emulate turbines Throttle-to-needle mixing: automating engine tuning in flight Acro set up example: setting up a complex aerobatic model Chapter 5 – Programmable mixing. linear mixes (1-4) and curve mixes (5,8) Mixing Examples I-XII Chapter 6 – Thinking like a 10C Understanding the built in mixes to better realise the possibilities Heli Users: What is a condition? Acro Users: a brief look at the built-in wing mixes Chapter 7 – Other stuff Frequently asked non-programming questions Glossary and Index, including error messages Quick reference chart


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