Gardan GY20 Minicab – ‘Full Size Focus’ Photo CD


This series of aircraft walkaround photo CDs contains a selection of individual types of aircraft for reference, from vintage to classic warbirds, and home-builds.

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The Gardan GY20 Minicab is a two-seat low-wing touring aircraft designed in France by Yves Gardan. It first flew in 1949 and went into production by CAB in 1952. Between 1952 and 1958 approximately 65 GY20 and GY201 aircraft were built. Further development resulted in the GY30 Supercab. It featured retractable landing gear, a wing fuel tank, a more powerful engine and a strengthened airframe permitting limited aerobatics. It was not a commercial success and only five examples were ever built. Each CD features a multi selection of high-quality close-up detailed photographs to help you with your latest building project.


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