Jet Pilot DVD Set with Ali Machinchy! RC Model Jet DVDs


Join world-famous Ali Machinchy in his 2 instructional DVDs, and master your first steps and beyond as a R/C jet pilot.

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Jet Pilot – An Introduction to Jet Model Flying (DVD). Running time: approx 80 mins. Ideal for anyone keen to get started with an R/C jet model. Join Ali as he explains the basics of flying R/C jets – from choosing the right model to installation of the turbine and fuel & air systems. Then it’s off to the flying field, where Ali shows how your transition to jet powered flight can be confident, safe and rewarding.

Jet Pilot – Beyond The Circuit (DVD). Running time: approx 90 mins. Any model jet pilot keen to develop their skills will enjoy this DVD. Follow Ali’s control inputs and their effects on the aircraft as you learn to perform a number of simple aerobatic manoeuvres, giving constant guidance on power and control settings, as well as the importance of planning and positioning.



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