Glider Tech Lab 1 (Double DVD) / Radio Control Gliding DVD / Radio Carbon Art


Taught by r/c glider expert Paul Naton, this high quality 3 hour training program covers a wide variety of technical subjects and skills that will help you build, prepare, and maintain your r/c sailplane like a pro

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Subjects taught include current Lithium and Nickel Hydride battery technologies and charging techniques, advanced soldering skills, battery pack construction methods, and installations of zero-drag Rotary Drive systems for flaps and ailerons.
You’ll also learn how to track your gliders onboard power usage, how to make your own custom servo leads, use Expanded Scale Volt meters and lithium fuel checkers, install magnetic on/off switches, use no-clean soldering materials, and how to do an in-line splice in a wire harness.
While this video is not for the raw beginner, this video training program is perfect for any slope, thermal, or electric glider pilot wanting to expand their shop skills and learn additional plane building, preparation and optimizing skills. The techniques taught in the Glider Tech Lab will make building your modern glider easier and make it safer and more reliable in the air.
Chapters Include:
Battery Basics • Power Use Calculation • Charger Set Up • Form & Cycle NimH • The False Peak • LiFE Charge • Fuel Gauges/ESVs • Li-On Cautions • Discharge Curves • Power System FAQ • Soldering Class • Battery Build • RDS Install • Vixen Fuselage Install • Servo Drivers • Servo Lead Crimpers • Inline Wire Splices • Switch Clinic


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