GWR 4-4-0 Locomotive: Bulldog & Dukedog (Plan)


A 25-sheet Keith Wilson plan for a 5″ gauge GWR 4-4-0 type locomotive.

Full Description

This 25-sheet plan consists of:

Sheet 1 General arrangement Bulldog.
Sheet 2 General arrangement Dukedog
Sheet 3 Details including frame drawings, stiffening plates and buffer plates.
Sheet 4 Hornblocks, hornstays, coupling rods, frame stiffener brackets, brake hanger, frame stays.
Sheet 5 Wheel profiles, crank axle, rear axle, main axleboxes and horns, bogie bolster, spring hangers, drawbar box assembly.
Sheet 6 Driving wheels, bogie details including axle boxes and springs, etc.
Sheet 7 Various valve gear pins, layout valve gear, eccentric strap, outer link, lifting links, expansion link.
Sheet 8 Buffers and draw gear including headlamps and coupling hooks.
Sheet 9 Lubricator assembly and details, details of driving and bogie springs, connecting rod details, guide bars and crossheads.
Sheet 10 Motion plate, valve extension rod, alternative lubricator drive, lower motion plate cover.
Sheet 11 Details of bogie end and centre, weighshaft control, side control assembly, stud, centre block, control rod, spring centre, end plate.
Sheet 12 Cylinders, cylinder covers, pistons, piston rods and glands, valves, valve rods, valve buckles, steam chest and cover.
Sheet 13 Layout and details of brake gear, weighshaft and bearings, bogie pressure pad, chimney assembly and details, smokebox door, handles and dart.
Sheet 14 Regulator assembly and details; blast pipes, super-heaters, dry header, Bulldog smokebox interior assembly, Dukedog smokebox interior assembly.
Sheet 15 Bulldog boiler, regulator tube assembly, brake valve and ejector pipe, blower tube assembly, fountain bush.
Sheet 16 Dukedog boiler, regulator tube assembly, brake tube assembly, hollow stay assembly, water gauge and clack bushes.
Sheet 17 Smokeboxes, smokebox door fittings, front and centre valance plates.
Sheet 18 Cabs; running boards, handrails, driver’s and fireman’s seats.
Sheet 19 Tender axle and wheels, tender horns and axleboxes, cab roofs, firebox doors, vacuum pump relief valve, Dukedog backhead clack valve, 30in vacuum brake cylinder.
Sheet 20 Vacuum brake layout and details, Bulldog fountain, Dukedog fountain, water gauge, safety valve and top feed, blower valve Dukedog dome.
Sheet 21 Side elevation of tender, tender main frames and buffer plates, tender brake levers, blocks, beams and pull rods, tender spring details, Dukedog safety valve and bonnet.
Sheet 22 Arrangement of tender frames, details of cross frames and brackets, arrangement and details of reversing screw and stand.
Sheet 23 Tender side rivet spacings, soleplate, details of tender coal plates, etc, fire iron rest, filler cap, ventilator and dome, toolbox, handrails.
Sheet 24 Arrangement and details of locomotive to tender coupling and buffers, tender brake gear layout and details, water pick-up scoop, tender step backplates, water valve.
Sheet 25 Reach rod and guides, top feed covers, top feed arrangement and details, tender coal doors, vacuum ejector and brake valve, miscellaneous standard G.W.R. fittings.


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