Handlaunch Building Clinic / Radio Control Gliding (Double DVD) / Radio Carbon Art


In this DVD you will watch Paul Naton build not one, but two composite HLG kits, start to finish, every step, from glassing the wing halves, to doing a light weight wiring harness.

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I show you 2 builds because both planes have unique construction needs, and they cover the most widely used assembly techniques. You can apply the building techniques you learn to just about any HLG kit on the market, and for that matter, ANY glider kit. Total Run Time: 3.7 plus hours Features include: • Over 3.5 hours of detailed tutorials and building hints • Wing Joining and Fiberglassing • Radio Installation • Soldering and Wiring • Making Battery Packs • Building Carbon Pushrods • How To Build Straight • How to Save Weight • Using Epoxies Safely • Wing and Tail Mounting • Making Ballast Kits • And Much Much More! DVD Extras Learn to remove dents and dings in your wing surface


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