Handlaunch Pro Clinic / Radio Control Gliding (Double DVD) / Radio Carbon Art


The Handlaunch Pro Clinic is a 4 hour intensive training DVD which will show you step-by-step how to prepare, equip, and launch your first HLG.

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The detailed tutorials will guarantee a successful first flight and eliminate costly mistakes that beginner’s all make. On Disk 1 Paul Naton covers basic tuning, radio set ups, equipment, and optimizing. This detailed tutorial will help you get any HLG model ready for the stresses that the discus launch puts on your plane. If you don’t apply these basic set up techniques, you are asking for trouble once you start launching. Paul takes you out to the field on Disk 2 for an extensive clinic on launching, showing you the right and wrong way to practice your spin technique. You will quickly teach yourself how to launch high without destroying your plane. I also reveal a few tips about launch presets, center of gravity settings, and a review of common mistakes. Features include: * Handlaunch expert Paul Naton takes you through basic building, preparation, and tuning techniques to help you prepare a composite discus launch glider for high performance flight. * Join Paul as he takes you the field teaching you basic and advanced launching, tuning, and flying skills. * On camera interviews with experts Joe Wurts, Phil Pearson, Mark Drela, and Bruce Davidson. * Enjoy a photo tour of the latest designs and a short feature on the history of the development of Discus/SAL launching. Total Run Time: 3h: 50min


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