Small 14cm Needle File HANDLE 3mm collet / Perma Grit


This comfortable-to-use plastic handle with brass collet can accept all small (14 cm) tungsten carbide needle and riffler files from Perma-Grit.

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Needle Files SMALL 14cm / Perma-Grit

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Red File HANDLE for Needle & Riffler Files 3mm
Red plastic Handle for the Perma-Grit Small 14cm Needle and Riffler Files,  3mm Collet.
(NF & RIF Files).
Angular design to stop it from rolling off your work bench!
Fits into the Red canvas tool wallet TR2.
DIY Trace tip:- The handle can also be used to hold Perma-Grit’s Small Rotaries  (RF-1C) for reaming.


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