Hawker Fury 1 (60″) – Plan


Pride of the RAF, and considered to be one of the best looking biplanes of all times, the Fury is superbly drawn on 2 large sheets from the Dennis Bryant Elite Plans range, and features an all wood construction. Not for beginners.

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Hawker Fury 1 (60″)

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A 60” span RAF biplane for .60-size engines and 4-function R/C. Designed by Dennis Bryant. Designed by Dennis Bryant, this plan builds into a very accurate 1/6th scale model of the Hawker Fury, a very fast and highly manoeuvrable biplane fighter. The big 2-sheet plan of this complex model includes a wealth of detailed information on building the model and manufacturing the many metal parts required to rig the model. This is from the ‘Elite’ range of model aircraft plans and is not for the beginner.The Hawker Fury entered service with the Royal Air Force in 1931, and was the first RAF fighter capable of exceeding 200mph. Despite its impressive performance, budget constraints led to relatively few aircraft being ordered, and it eventually equipped only six squadrons. The Fury represented the pinnacle of biplane fighter design, but by the late 1930’s it was clear that they would be outclassed by the new all-metal monoplane fighters then being designed. In response Hawker produced a monoplane development of the Fury that entered service as the famous Hurricane, an aircraft that played a vital role during the Battle of Britain and was operational throughout WWII.The model is chiefly of conventional all-wood construction, but many parts needed to manufacture the undercarriage and attach the wings need to fabricated from metal and wire so some metalworking skills will be needed. A laser-cut wood-pack is available which contains most of the shaped parts needed such as fuselage formers and wing ribs, but you will need additional sheet and strip wood and ply to complete the model, as well as all the hardware needed. The undercarriage and other metal parts shown in the graphic are not included. A metal propeller spinner and fibreglass engine cowl are also available. The model was designed to be powered by a .60 cu.in. 2-stroke engine, but experienced modellers may be able to convert it to electric power if desired.

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  • Designer: Dennis Bryant
  • Wingspan: 60″ / 1542mm
  • Power Source: .60 cu. in. 2-stroke
  • Power Source: IC Propeller
  • Radio Functions: 4
  • Scale: 1:6
  • Weight: Weight 5kg max.


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