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Advances in motor and battery technology mean that more electric-powered, RC helicopters are coming on to the market all of the time. The choice of model type is huge and potentially baffling.

Fortunately, in this instalment of the bestselling HeliTeach series, RC heli ace Dave Wilshere sorts through the information that you need when buying and setting up one of these models.

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HeliTeach - Electric Helicopters Blu-Ray

Running time: 67 mins

HeliTeach - Electric Helicopters DVD

Running time: 67 mins

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Full Description

Electric helicopters bring their own technical challenges, so if you’re moving from IC flight, Dave can help you understand this technology explaining the relationship between components in the power train as well as answering questions like:

how does a brushless motor work?
and, what does the speed controller do and what do I need to know about them?

He also discusses battery sizes, voltages and capacities. Including what you need to know about using LiPo batteries, and how to avoid damaging them.
Moving on to look at using a battery charger to charge and balance the cells in the battery, Dave outlines the different types of battery chargers on the market before explaining and demonstrating safe storage charging, handling, charging and storage of batteries.
The programme ends where every RC heli pilot should be – out on the flying field! While Dave doesn’t discuss how to operate an RC helicopter, he does cover the tech set up and safety checks that are required for flying electric RC helicopters. These include:

Transporting and managing batteries
Checking the charge in the battery
Installing and securing batteries
Setting up power curves on the transmitter
Checking the climb/descent & inverted performance

The DVD ends with a quick demonstration of the capabilities of electric helicopters.
Whether it is your very first model, or you’re making the move from IC power, if you’re looking to buy an electric powered RC helicopter then this DVD will give you the inside knowledge necessary to find the right electric heli for you!
The perfect introduction to these exciting models!

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