HMS Bounty 1787 (76cm) – Constructo


HMS Bounty will always be remembered for the dramatic mutiny led by Fletcher Christian against Captain Bligh whilst on a voyage to Tahiti. Fletcher and his mutineers set Bligh adrift in a longboat along with eighteen members of the crew.

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Advanced finely detailed assembly model kit reproduction. Amin frames and hull laser pre cut crossocoat wood. Double plank on frame assembly system. White metal and diecast brass fittings. Full colour booklet in 6 languages (english, german, french, italian , spanish, portuguese) with all the stages of assembly process photo by photo. Plans set with 1:1 size images of all rigging and small detailing.

The traditional quality of CONSTRUCTO in a kit plenty of small details and at an affordable price

Traditional assembly double plank on frame wood model ship kit.

* Length : 760 mm – * Beam : 148 mm  – * Heigth : 600 mm – * Scale : 1:50 .

Sails set factory sewn. Instructions booklet : English french, german , italian , portuguese and spanish text.



Shipping Weight2.80kg6.17lbs
Product Height584.20mm23 1⁄2in
Product Width152.40mm6 1⁄3in
Product Length760mm30in
Completion LevelKit


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