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HMS Embling – Short Kit (Plan & Laser Cut Hull)

Short Kit (Set) includes the Plan and Laser Cut Wood Pack (Hull) for this design of HMS Embling is at 1:44 scale and a simple model to build and fun to operate and with scope to increase the detail level if one so wishes.


Short Kit (Set) Saving: 10%Usual Price: £74 (when purchasing component parts individually)
Made to order


  • Designer: Eris Kennedy
  • Length: 800mm (31″)
  • Beam: 80mm (3 1/8″)
  • Scale: 1:44
  • Weight: 1.134kg.
  • Height: 230 mm (9 inches) to the top of the mast.

Full Description

With modern R/C, the weight is no longer a problem with any model and current battery packs have power outputs undreamt of from even just 20 years ago.

Eris Kennedy presents a Feature Plan for a semi-scale destroyer:- The first radio-controlled model boat I ever built came from a free magazine plan and the design was for a Battle class destroyer prepared by Glynn Guest. That model was called HMS Lagos ( and the design appealed to me for several reasons. I liked the scale of 1/144 as it made for an economical and portable scale model and it was also sufficiently authentic as well as being relatively quick to build. My efforts at construction were not brilliant and I was too financially challenged to invest in a proper speed controller so the model did not cover too many sea miles and slowly but surely succumbed to the ravages of life in the garden shed. I resolved however to build another similar destroyer at a later date and when I finally got round to it some 25 years later, I had developed my skills through building other models. I had also drawn some conclusions of my own as to how best to build a 1/144 scale destroyer of this type. I decided therefore to build an updated version of this model from my own plans.
Given that the plans for the original are no longer available in the MHS list, I went to a little extra trouble and produced this article for those of you who might be partial to building your own Battle class destroyer. I changed some of the constructional techniques and deepened the hull to improve stability. I must reiterate that none of this would have happened if it had not been for Glynn Guest’s original plan. Having taught myself Computer-Aided Design (CAD) I decided to avail myself of some laser cut parts. You should be able to obtain a set of parts yourself from Alternatively, the plans include sufficient detail to cut your own pieces from 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch balsa sheets (also available from Just disregard the locating holes and tabs that exist on some of the parts. Also, you might make use of 1/4 inch square strip balsa rather than cut out the more intricate shapes for some of the pieces. Please note that I have no commercial interest in the laser cutting process, but using such a semi-kit is both an economical and effective way to build a precise and sturdy hull with a minimum of fuss. I think prospective builders may find that the cost is not much more than what it would be to buy and cut the raw balsa alone.

Build article:

What’s in a Short Kit? – A short kit usually contains, where available, the plan, the laser/CNC cut wood pack, additional wood pack, canopy, cowl or any other available Glass Fibre or plastic moulded items.

What’s in a Laser or CNC Cut Wood Pack? – A CNC or laser cut wood pack contains most, if not all, of the intricately shaped parts shown on the plan, which would be difficult or time-consuming to cut out by hand. It does not contain any sheet or strip wood, which you will need to buy separately. Alternatively, you can purchase an Additional Wood Pack, if available. Our Laser or CNC Cut Wood Packs only contain balsa, ply and lite ply and do not include other materials that may be required to complete the model, such as hardwoods, metals and GRP sheets.

Please note that all plans are printed to order and as such we are unable to accept returns.

What’s in a Short Kit?

A short kit usually contains, where available, the plan, the laser/CNC cut wood pack, additional wood pack, canopy, cowl or any other available Glass Fibre or plastic moulded items.

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