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A fitting tribute to the World’s most famous ship almost 200 years after the battle of Trafalgar, this 43 inch length model of the Victory comes with the exquisite detail of the original now resting at Portsmouth. HMS Victory is the only remaining 18th century ship of the line anywhere in the world. She remains the oldest serving warship still to be in commission – she retains her own Captain, officers and crew – and flies the flag of the Second Sea Lord, Commander in Chief Naval Home Command. HMS Victory appears today in the form in which she fought her most famous battle, the Battle of Trafalgar (21st October 1805) at which Admiral Lord Nelson was shot by a French marine from the fighting top of the Redoutable.


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Although Victory underwent a major refit between the Battle of Cape St. Vincent (1797) and Trafalgar, her appearance today still gives an immense impression of the conditions aboard the flagship of Admiral Sir John Jervis on Tuesday 14th February 1797.

* Naval model ship kit form the naval modelling leading Spanish maker.

* Traditional double plank on frame construction.

* Factory precut keel and all main frame parts.

* Highest quality planking sapely, american walnut and fine lime woods.

* All fittings are presented in useful clear hard plastic boxes with separate departments with a detachable self-gripping top .

* High quality fittings in diecast metal old style burnished or in real turned brass.

* Sails set full sewn. You just have to rig them in the masts.

* De luxe booklet with hundrerds of images step by step of the assembly stages.

Just like if you had a teacher beside you !!!

* Plans set with the top and side views of the model in scale 1:1


* Length : 1110 mm

* Heigth : 800 mm

* Beam : 400 mm

* Scale : 1/94

Shipping Weight 6.00kg 13.23lbs
Product Height 787.40mm 31in
Product Width 381.00mm 15in
Product Length 1,110mm 43in
Scale 1:94
Completion Level Kit


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