HW-4 Flamingo (3.5m) – 1/5th scale – Plan


A 4 Sheet plan for the this superb scale replica from Chris Williams, 1/5th Scale HW-4 Flamingo is both elegant and at 3.5m wingspan a fine flyer whether aerotowed or launched from the slope.


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HW-4 Flamingo (3.5m) – 1/5th scale

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HW-4 FLAMINGO (3.5M) – RC2215 – World Class Designer Chris Williams turns to a Brazilian sailplane dating from 1947. The HW-4 Flamingo was a one-off sailplane built in Brazil in 1947 and described in Martin Simons’ book ‘Sailplanes 1945-1965’ as ‘elegant’, having a relatively high aspect ratio wing, coupled with a classic gull break. Chris Williams has been campaigning a larger 1/3.5 scale version for some years now, but after the success of the 1/5th scale Petrel (full short kit also available from Sarik Hobbies RC2207), producing a smaller version of the Flamingo was a no- brainer.
Just like the Petrel the fuselage is relatively heavy, being plywood-clad, whilst the wings are super-light. It’s this combination that allows these models to fly in just about any conditions, regardless of wind speed.

Featured in RCM&E December 2019

HW-4 FLAMINGO (5M) is also available: https://www.sarikhobbies.com/product/hw-4-flamingo-5m/


  • Model: HW-4 Flamingo
  • Model type: 1/5 scale vintage sailplane
  • Designed by: Chris Williams
  • Wingspan: 3500 mm (137.8″)
  • Length: 1570 mm (62″)
  • All up weight: 8 lbs (3.63 kg)
  • Wing section: HQ3515-12
  • Wing area: 8 sq. ft.
  • Wing loading: 16 oz/sq. ft.
  • Control deflections: Elevator: 25mm up, 15mm down
  • Rudder: 40mm each way
  • Ailerons: 20mm up, 20mm down
  • C.A.R. 50%: adjust to suit
  • Spoiler mix: Ailerons up 20mm with full spoiler
  • For 5 function RC: Rudder, Elevator, Ailerons, Spoilers and Tow Release


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