Radio Control Jet Pilot – Beyond the Circuit – RC Model Jet DVD


In his latest programme looking at flying turbine powered model aircraft, top international jet display pilot Ali Machinchy shares his techniques for developing the skills essential for safe, successful and attractive aerobatic manoeuvres.

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Ali begins by discussing the essentials, such as:

• the choice of model• selecting a suitable flying site
• recognising obstructions or hazards that may affect the flight • planning for eventualities, such as engine failure.

Ali also explains the vital importance of the pilot being properly prepared for the flight by having a thorough understanding of the proposed flight pattern. With both model and pilot fully prepared we get airborne, and from the essential skill of flying a jet model confidently at low speeds and around the stall, Ali moves on to show how to perform a range of aerobatic manoeuvres including:

• Loop • Roll • Slow Roll • 4-Point Roll • 8-Point Roll • Half Cuban
• Reversal • Derry Turn • Immelmann • Knife-Edge • Low Pass

Throughout these manoeuvres, Ali gives constant guidance on power and control settings, as well as the importance of planning and positioning. You can follow the control inputs and their effects on the aircraft to build a thorough understanding of what happens and why, what looks good and what doesn’t. Any model jet pilot keen to develop their skills, as well as all those simply fascinated by turbine powered model aircraft will enjoy every minute of Ali’s expert company as he truly takes you Beyond the Circuit. Running Time: 90 minutes.


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