Jet Pilot Series – DVD/Blu-Ray


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View products Jet Pilot - An Introduction to Jet Model Flying

World-famous jet pilot Ali Machinchy presents this fantastic DVD – a must for anyone interested in taking up the exciting hobby of flying turbine powered model aircraft.

View products Jet Pilot - Beyond the Circuit

In his latest programme looking at flying turbine powered model aircraft, top international jet display pilot Ali Machinchy shares his techniques for developing the skills essential for safe, successful and attractive aerobatic manoeuvres.

View products Jet Pilot - Scale Jets

For many, flying a gas turbine powered scale model is the ultimate in RC aviation, and if that’s your goal there could be no finer way to get the right advice than to talk it over with Ali Machinchy – one of the worlds’ top RC jet display pilots.

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Jet Pilot – An Introduction to Jet Model Flying

DVD GP-DV330 DV330 Blu-Ray DV330HD

Jet Pilot – Beyond the Circuit

GP-DV331 DV331HD / DV331

Jet Pilot – Scale Jets

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