Juliet No 2 LO64


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Designer: LBSC 3-½in gauge 0-4-0 tank locomotive. This model is similar to LO62. For boiler and cab details, customers also receive Sheets 5 and 6 of LO62 to make it 7 sheets Sheet 1 Arrangement of locomotive, main frames and driving crankpins. Sheet 2 Assembly and details of Baker valve gear. Sheet 3 Cylinders and details, eccentric rods, return cranks, reverse lever and connections. Sheet 4 Side tanks, injector connections, injector steam valve, erection of lubricator, exhaust pipes, steam pipes and oil check valve, crossheads and ashpan. Sheet 5 Buffer beams, hornblocks, axles, wheels, axleboxes, hornstays, leading crankpin and washer arrangement, also details of mechanical water feed pump and details of mechanical lubricator.Sheet 6 Boiler details, smokebox, hand pump.Sheet 7 Cab details, pipe connections, boiler fittings. Complete set of 7 sheets.


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