Schleicher KA6E – Canopy – Jilles Smits


Canopy only

Of the Ka 6 series over 1400 were Manufactured in Poppenhausen in the Rhoen and was, in it’s time, the most popular glider produced. Still about 690 are certified in Germany.

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The first version of the Ka 6 was followed by the Ka 6 A, Ka 6 B, Ka 6 BR,CR and CR PE with flying stabilizer. During its develpoment the span was increased with intermediate step from 14,4 m to 15 m, so that it maximised fully the rules of the standard class at that time. Today it is assigned to the club class

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Designer: Jilles Smitts
Scale 1:3,125
Wingspan: 4.773 Mtr


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