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Keystone Indoor Electric Fly 2010

KIEF is hosted by the Muncie Indoor Flyers and held at the Generation Sports Complex Dome, in Muncie, Pennsylvania.

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Showing was a wide variety of aircraft from 3-D to scale, park flyers, and micro-miniature aircraft. This event is also the largest gathering of micro aircraft in the United States featuring the top micro designers from around the world. Micro aircraft from just a few grams to a sub-micro ornithopter weighing in at under a gram were in attendance. Additionally, there was a noon demo featuring top 3-D pilots, helicopters, stick-built planes and jets as well as a combat competition and indoor night fly.

Featured pilots include Joe Hower with his Aeronca 3 chief, Martin Newell‚ B-25, Ken Carchietta‚ 1913 Dunne D8, Brian Daniel with his subgram ornithopter, Peter Sripol‚ custom VTOL, Ralph Bradley‚ Jet Mite, Mark Stermer‚ six engine B-36, Mike Voicheck‚ Autogyro, and many more!

SAVE up to 25% on Selected Books!


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