ES52B (Longwing) Kookaburra – Canopy- Jilles Smits


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The ES52 Kookaburra is a two seat high wing glider sailplane of
wooden construction designed by Harry Schneider and built by
Edmund Schneider Pty Ltd.

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It was first flown on 26 June 1954 and became the
glider of choice for training new pilot s of many gliding clubs around
Australia in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Several found their
way to New Zealand. Further two kits were sent to Brazil and at least one of these
was finished and flown successfully.
The ES52 performed well with a glide ratio of about 22:1 and had soaring
and cross country capabilities. A notable feature of the ES52 design
was the staggered side by side seating arrangement of the cockpit. This
made for good in flight communication between instructor and trainee. Overall,
thirty six were built by Edmund Schneider Pty Ltd.
A longer wing version (the ES52B) was also introduced that had a better
glide ratio (around 25:1). Five examples of this version were built.
In Germany a modified ES52 was built incorporating a metal tube
fuselage frame and with the addition of an engine driven propeller mounted
on top of the wing which enabled the glider to be self launching.

This plan and kit is of the ES52B (Longwing version) 3 piece wing.
Scale: 1/4
Wing span: 4.2mtr
Weight: 18Lb

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