Large Rotary Tools / Perma-Grit


Large Rotary Tools – with 6 mm arbor/shaft for Air tools, Cone, Drum, Pancake, Dome head, Rod and Ball Rotaries + Boxed Kits

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The COURSE LARGE ROTARY KIT enables the user to cut thin and fragile materials, as well as giving the best finish, or debur rough cut or sawn edges. KIT of 6 different Large Rotary burrs, 6mm shaft / arbor in Coarse Grit.  Grit UK 180 / US 60 approx.


Kit of 5 Large Countersinks 100º, 11.5mm dia. Different sized nipples.  Shaft / arbor 6 mm.


Large countersink, 100 degree, #40 Nipple.


Large countersink, 100 degree, 3/16″ Nipple.


Large countersink, 100 degree, #30 nipple.

Sharp Taper Rotary

Large Rotary Sharp Taper.  Tapers to a point. FINE Grit.  Designed to fit Dremel and other hobby tools, you can use this tungsten carbide tool from Perma-Grit to cut wide range of materials in any direction without chipping, which leaves little need for finishing.


Large Rotary Taper, Coarse Grit.


Full Description

Tungsten carbide grit brazed to the surface. Large Rotaries with 6 mm arbor/shaft for Air tools. Turned down from solid, they are perfectly balanced. Excellent for composite work, wood, carbon fibre, ceramic, stone, perspex etc.

Rotary Fine Taper 7mm dia  PGLR7F  – Rotary Taper 7mm dia PGLR2C – KIT of 6 Large Rotaries PGKT3 – KIT of 5 Countersinks 100º 11.5mm dia PGKT2 – Countersink 100º #40 11.5mm dia. PGLC1 – Countersink 100º 3/16 11.5mm dia. PGLC3 – Countersink 100º #30 11.5mm dia. PGLC2




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