Laser 200 (60″) – Plan


This beautiful aerobatic model has been designed to a thoroughly practical size by Duncan Hutson and is well able to emulate the full size prototype. With a wingspan of 60” this delightful replica is powered by a .61 2-stroke.

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Laser 200 (60″)

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Based on the original design, the Akro, a home-built aircraft with superb aerobatic capabilities, the Laser 200, was a particularly successful development from the original with a 200 hp (150 kW) Lycoming IO-360 engine; initially a standard Akro apart from the engine.It then acquired a different wing aerofoil, lightened fuselage and revised, lowered canopy with the decking behind it raised. Flying this aircraft, Leo Loudenschlager won the US Aerobatics Championship seven times between 1975 and 1982 and won the World Aerobatics Championships in 1980.


  • Designer: Duncan Hutson
  • Wingspan: 60″ / 1525 mm
  • Power Source: .61 2-stroke
  • Radio Functions: 4


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