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Lazy Kitten (72″) – Short Kit (Set)


A plan and wood pack for a 72″ LAZY KITTEN. Representing the ultimate in versatility, Harry Gilkes designed this glider as either powered,aero-tow or hand-tow. All three versions are shown on the plan (MW2294 not included with wood pack). Additional parts, sheet and strip wood must be purchased to complete this model. These are available from the Sarik Hobbies shop.

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Full Description

Wingspan: 72″ / 1830 mm Radio: 2-4 function Featured in : RCMW JAN. ’91 Plan available (MW2294) Building your model from a Sarik Hobbies ‘Laser Wood Pack’ semi-kit removes the need to trace and cut your own intricate parts. It will be necessary to purchase additional sheet and strip wood from your Sarik Hobbies shop to complete the model.


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