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LMS 4-6-0 Compound Locomotive: Fury (Plan)

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A 13-sheet Martin Evans plan for a 5″ gauge LMS high pressure 4-6-0 compound locomotive (3 cylinder).


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Full Description

This 13-sheet plan consists of:

Sheet 1 General arrangement and frames.
Sheet 2 Main horns, main axle boxes, buffer beams, frame stretchers, driving and coupled wheels, driving and crankpins.
Sheet 3 Coupling rods, arrangement of inside motion, inside cylinder and details, simpling valve and details.
Sheet 4 Inside valve gear, inside crosshead, inside motion plate, outside cylinders and details.
Sheet 5 Inside connecting rod, inside radius rod, eccentric rod and strap, inside expansion link, inside combination lever, outside motion plate, outside crosshead, outside slide bars, outside valve crosshead.
Sheet 6 General arrangement of outside Walschaerts valve gear and valve gear details, link brackets and connecting rods.
Sheet 7 Details of the bogie and the weighshaft.
Sheet 8 Full details of the high-pressure boiler.
Sheet 9 Details of smokebox, steam and exhaust pipes, regulator, superheater, top feed, tender
Sheet 10 Cab reversing gear ,drain cock gear, snifting valve, -grate and ashpan, manifold, safety valves, check valve, vertical check valves for top feed, blowdown valves, whistle valve, injector steam valve.
Sheet 11 Engine brake gear, running boards, buffers, couplings, cab sides, details of lagging and cladding.
Sheet 12 Layout of cab fittings, arrangement of lubricator drive, general arrangement and end elevation of tender, tender springs and horns, injector water valves.
Sheet 13 Details of Fowler type tender body, frames, buffer and drag beams. NOTE: Sheet 3 of LO 943 also required.


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