LMS Stainer 8F 2-8-0 Locomotive: Euston (Plan)


A 13-sheet plan by Martin Evans for a 3.5″ gauge LMS Stainer 8F 2-8-0 locomotive.

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This 13-sheet plan consists of:

Sheet 1 General arrangement of engine, engine frames, front buffer beam, engine drag beam, frame stretchers.
Sheet 2 Brake cylinder stretcher, main hornblocks and stays; axle-boxes, driving and coupled axles and wheels, crankpins, coupling rods and coupling rod drilling jig, pony truck wheels, axles and axleboxes.
Sheet 3 General arrangement of pony truck, pony truck frames and stretchers, pony truck horns and guard irons, details of piston valves and steam chest liners, details of crossheads.
Sheet 4 Connecting rod, motion plate and slide bars, general arrangement of valve gear, expansion link frame, radius rod, die block, anchor link and drop link, combination lever, valve guide, valve spindle cross- head and pin.
Sheet 5 Expansion link and die block, eccentric rod and return crank, weighshaft, reversing arm and lifting arm, reach rod and cab reverser, axle pump, eccentric, rod and strap, locomotive brake gear details.
Sheet 6 General arrangement of brake gear, steam brake cylinder, arrangement and details of cylinder drain cocks, general arrangement of boiler, boiler bushes.
Sheet 7 Side elevation of boiler, throatplate, backhead and bushes, smokebox tube plate, firebox tube plate, crown stays.
Sheet 8 Arrangement and details of divided smokebox, smokebox front, door and handles, smokebox saddle, steam pipes, blast nozzle and blower, superheater and headers, snifting valve.
Sheet 9 Grate and ashpan, boiler expansion brackets, brick arch, firedoor, regulator arrangement and details, arrangement of cab fittings, turret and valves.
Sheet 10 Blowdown valve, water gauge, blower valve and safety valves, top feed fitting and cover, check valves, piping layout, driver’s brake valve, running boards, spectacle plate, coupling hooks and links, engine buffers.
Sheet 11 Cab side and roof, footsteps, chimney and dome, whistles, general arrangement of tender, tender frames and buffer beams.
Sheet 12 Tender brake gear arrangement and details, tender wheels and axleboxes, horns and springing tender buffers.
Sheet 12a Arrangement of mechanical lubricator, lubrication for axle boxes.


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