LMS Stainer Class 4-6-0 Locomotive: Black Five (Plan)


A Martin Evans designed 9-sheet plan for building a 2.5″ gauge model of the LMS Stainer Class 4-6-0 locomotive ‘Black Five’.

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Full Description

This 9-sheet plan consists of:

Sheet 1 General arrangement, main frames, axle boxes, wheels.
Sheet 2 Slide valve cylinders, pistons, valves, coupling and connecting rods, crosshead and motion plates.
Sheet 3 Piston valve cylinder, slide and piston valve gear, general arrangements.
Sheet 4 Valve gear details, cab reversing gear details, bogie general arrangements and details. Feed pump.
Sheet 5 Boiler general arrangement, tubeplate, backplate, throatplate details, header, stays and smokebox arrangement.
Sheet 6 Simplified boiler general arrangement, superheater, smokebox pipework and details.
Sheet 7 Chimney, safety valve, regulator, blower valve, ash-pan, running boards, cab layout, grate.
Sheet 8 Buffers, coupling, turret and whistle valve, water gauge, cab and tender.
Sheet 9 Tender frames, axles, wheels, buffers, buffer beams.


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