LNER K41 Class 2-6-0 Locomotive: Marquess (Plan)


A 9-sheet plan by Martin Evans for a 3.5″ gauge model based on the LNER K41 Class 2-6-0 locomotive ‘Marquess’.

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This 9-sheet plan consists of:

Sheet 1 General arrangement, engine frames, hornblocks, axleboxes, hornstays, driving and coupled wheels, pony truck wheels and axles, pony truck axleboxes, driving and leading crankpins and collars, buffer beam, drag beam spring pins and spring details.
Sheet 2 Alteration to frames for piston valve cylinders, brake blocks, brake hangers and pins, brake beams, main frame stretcher, brake cylinder stretcher, coupling rods, pony truck details, slide and piston valve cylinder details, cylinder covers.
Sheet 3 Slide bars, connecting rods, Walschaerts valve gear, links, link supports, crosshead, drop link, anchor link, valve crosshead, combination lever, expansion link, radius rod, link support plates.
Sheet 4 Cab reverser details, weighshaft, lifting arm, reach rod, boiler details, including bushes, backhead, throatplate, firebox stays.
Sheet 5 Superheater, steam pipe fitting, steam pipes, smokebox, smokebox door, crossbar, dart, duplex feed pump, pump eccentric, eccentric strap and rod, brake cylinder details, cylinder drain cock details.
Sheet 6 Regulators (2 types, rotary and pull-out), grate and ashpan, firedoor, smokebox saddle, snifting valve, buffers, cab piping arrangement, exhaust and petticoat pipe, blast nozzle and blower.
Sheet 7 Position for mechanical lubricator, cab details, running boards and locomotive platework, oil check valve, safety valves.
Sheet 8 Check valves, blower valve, whistle valve, injector and brake valves, turret, LNER. type screw couplings, drawhooks, tender body, frames, drag and buffer beam.
Sheet 9 Chimney, dome, tender wheels, axles, axleboxes, horns, springs and hangers, injector water valve, tender brake shaft and nut, brake beams, hangers and rods, diagram of tender brake gear.


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