LNER V2 2-6-2 Locomotive: Green Arrow (Plan)


This 16-sheet plan by Martin Evans is for an advanced, powerful 5″ gauge model of the LNER V2 2-6-2 locomotive ‘Green Arrow’.

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This 16-sheet plan consists of:

Sheet 1. Locomotive general arrangement, mainframes.
Sheet 2. Buffer beams, hornblocks, stretchers etc.
Sheet 3. Axle feed pump, axleboxes, slide bars, inside cylinder.
Sheet 4. Pony truck, driving wheels, springs.
Sheet 5. Outside cylinders, piston valves and liners, crank axle quartering jig.
Sheet 6. Valve gear, motion rods, conjugated links.
Sheet 7. Expansion links, regulator, motion plates and coupling rods.
Sheet 8. Brake cylinder, reverser, brake gear.
Sheet 9. Plain boiler (alternative).
Sheet 10. Thermic siphon boiler and firebox.
Sheet 11. Smokebox, Cartazzi axlebox, snifting valve
Sheet 12. Superheaters, fire grate, smokebox door.
Sheet 13. Brake linkages, turret, steam valves.
Sheet 14. Cab, chimney, running plates, whistle.
Sheet 15. Tender general arrangement, frames, fittings.
Sheet 16. Tender axleboxes, brakes, springing.


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