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The Louise is a replica of a Victorian steam launch. At that time, steam launches on the River Thames in England were owned only by wealthy people. This Victorian steam launch was also used on various large lakes in the Lake District in the North of England. Today only replicas of these boats remain, but there are many devoted enthusiasts in Great Britain and the United States who sail them on rivers and lakes purely for fun and entertainment purposes.

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* Naval model ship kit form the naval modelling leading Spanish maker.

* Traditional double plank on frame construction.

* Factory precut keel and all main frame parts.

* Highest quality planking sapely, american walnut and fine lime woods.

* All fittings are presented in useful clear hard plastic boxes with separate departments with a detachable self-gripping top .

* High quality fittings in diecast metal old style burnished or in real turned brass.

* De luxe booklet with hundrerds of images step by step of the assembly stages.

* Plans set with the top and side views of the model in scale 1:1


Shipping Weight 1.20kg 2.65lbs
Product Height 203.20mm 8 1⁄4in
Product Width 76.20mm 3 1⁄5in
Product Length 460mm 18 1⁄5in
Scale 1:26
Completion Level Kit


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