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MAG1495 Short Circuit


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Full Description

Name: Short Circuit

Aircraft Type: Q500 pylon racer general sport model

Designed by: Alan Cardish

Wing Span: 52"

Wing Chord: 10"

Wing Area: 520 sq. in

All-up-weight: 3.1/2 lbs

Wing Loading: 15. 1/2 oz/ sq.ft

Engine Range: .19-.40

Rec'd no. channels: 3 (minimum)

Control Functions: Aileron, elevator, throttle 2" from leading edge

Control throws: Elevator +/- 5mm, Aileron: 6mm up, 3mm down, Rudder: 6mm each way


It's great to have a competitive pylon racer that's fun to fly, doesn't use huge amounts of sky, won't cause noise complaints, and is suitable for the average size club field . Well, a Quickie racer does all that, and more! Short Circuit was designed to take full advantage of the Quickie 500 rules,which specify everything except fuselage length; my view was that since the fuselage causes considerable drag, the less there isof it, the better. Not only that, the pressure wave theory indicates that for minimum drag, the maximum width should be at or near the wing trailing edge. Hence, the strange plan shape of the body. The 'V' tail is designed to project the stabilising surfaces away from the wing wash, and has proven to give an increase in speed over the more conventional tail layout. The model presented here has been developed over a period of time , the end result having proved itself to be se nsationally fast , stable in flight, and capable of performing amazingly tight turns without any apparent loss of speed. Short Circuit set the fastest recorded time in the 1999 Quiet Quickie UKracing series,and yet it flies like a trainer with a smaller .19 size motor.With a modest .40 on a 9 x 7 or 9 x 8" prop., it speeds up like a scalded cat, is remarkably aerobatic (especially with full length ailerons) and has a good glide, gentle glide – it really is a versatile little plane. Building the model shouldn't cause you too many problems; however, there are a few unusual features in the construction, so the notes are rather more detailed than usual. . If you do not have a radio with 'V' tail mix , you can link the elevators together and add a rudder to the fuselage and sub-fin, thus maintaining competition legality. 


Please note that all plans are printed to order and as such we are unable to accept returns.


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