USS Bodega Bay – Short Kit (Set)


Short Kit includes Plan, Laser Cut and Additional Wood Packs.

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USS Bodega Bay

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Full Description

Plan first published in Model Boats, June 2003

This is a Stand-Off scale model based on the Casablanca class of Escort Carriers (CVE) built for the U.S. Navy during WW2. The shortage of aircraft carriers in WW2 soon lead to first the conversion of merchant vessels into small aircraft carriers to perform as escorts for convoys. Their success in this role resulted in the building of more escort carriers using merchant ship hull standards. Mass production methods enabled the 50 carriers in this class to be built in one shipyard in the space of a single year.

The hull is a simple balsa structure with access inside via a removable hangar and flight deck. Using a scale of 1:144 allows a range of suitable plastic aircraft to be added.

A single motor, powered by a 6v sealed lead acid battery was used to give more than adequate speed and manoeuvrability.


Model designed by Glynn Guest

Model Details

Materials:  Balsa Wood & Liteply

Scale:   1:144

Length:  42 inches (107 cm)

Beam:  6 1/4 inches (16 cm)

Weight:  12 pounds (5.5 kg)

Suggested power: Single RE 545 electric motor, 6 volts


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