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Maid Of Kent LO80


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Designer: LBSC

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A 5in gauge locomotive and tender. (ME VoIs. 97-101). Maid of Kent is based on the Southern Railways Maunsell 'L1' class 4-4-0 passenger locomotive and Minx is based on the Vulcan-built class 'C' 0-6-0 goods engine. Both can be built with inside or outside cylinders and Stephenson valve gear, or with inside cylinders and Joy valve gear.

Sheet 1 General arrangement, frames, buffer beams, bogie bolster, etc.

Sheet 2 Cylinder details, crank-axle, hornblocks, etc.

Sheet 2a Bogie details, coupled wheels, coupling rods, etc.

Sheet 3 Stephenson's valve gear arrangement and details of motion plate, etc.

Sheet 4 Outside cylinder details, guide bars, motion brackets and connection rods.

Sheet 5 Joy valve gear arrangement and details, motion plate.

Sheet 6 Mechanical lubricator, drive and reverser details.

Sheet 6a Link motion, valve gear and details, feed pump.

Sheet 7 Boiler details, superheater.

Sheet 8 Boiler fittings.

Sheet 8a Pipe connections for outside cylinders.

Sheet 9 Footplate, cab, steps etc.

Sheet 10 Tender GA and frames.

Sheet 11 Tender details.

Sheet 12 Steam brake details.

Sheet 13 Revised Stephensons valve gear.

Sheet 14 Outside cylinder valve gear.

Sheet 15 Additional valve gear details.

Complete set of 18 sheets.


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