Mamba X2


A simple to build electric powered tribute to the FROG jet style kit, scaled to twice the original size

Full Description

Taking the Mamba free flight design as his inspiration, George Stringwell has doubled its size to 37 inches, converted it to R/C and fitted a brushless motor and a 2S LiPo for brisk flight performance.
Wingspan: 37″ (925 mm)Area: 300 square inches (1875 sq cm)Wing Loading: 13 oz/sq ft (40.36 grams/sq decimetre)Length: 33″ (825 mm)Weight: 27 ounces (756 g)MOTOR: BRC 221/6T 1500 KvMOTIVE POWER: 40 amp ESC and 1500 Mah 2S 25C LiPoRADIO FUNCTIONS: 3 (aileron, elevator (AMT), throttle)


  • Designer: Traplet
  • Wingspan: 37″ (925 mm)
  • Power Source: BRC 221/6T 1500 Kv


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